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Real Estate Consultant -Wednesday Update 08/01/2012

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This article will provide tips on how to find the best local real estate consultant as Portland, Oregon’s housing market shows promising signs of improvement. See why Portland is named as one of the top ten best cities in the USA for food, drink and overall lifestyle. Explore Portland’s recreational lifestyle with dedicated bike paths, and hiking routes for complete outdoor enjoyment. Incorporate personal development techniques to reach your goals and manifest your dreams.

How to Pick a Real Estate Consultant


Do you have time to market your home, do you have the knowledge to accurately price your home, figure out all of the paperwork required with listing…

How to Pick a Real Estate Consultant That Suits Your Needs | Jenny Mac


Many factors contribute to the experience and success of buying and selling homes, but even in the digital age of a more transparent real estate market, working with a good real estate agent continues to be one of biggest impacts on either

 Portland Real Estate Consultant

How to Invest in Real Estate Portland How to Invest in Real Estate Portland 8925 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Suite E Portland, OR 97225 (503)539-9094 Portland Real Estate Consultant

Personal Development Tips You Need To Know |


A positive attitude is key to personal growth. Having a negative attitude will only hold you back and keep you from success. Try remaining positive so that you can reach your goals. Make yourself and your goals a priority.

 America’s Best Cities For Eating And Drinking, According To Trulia


and numerous farmers’ markets selling fresh produce from the nearby Central Valley. Seattle is fifth, San Jose (Silicon Valley) sixth, Orange County seventh, Providence eighth, Boston ninth, and Portland, Oregon tenth.

New Word: Velocapitalist | Commute by Bike


Downtown Portland’s new ‘Bicycle Capital’ mural: Will it become as famous as … – (blog) You betcha! He chairman of Bike Virginia, a bicycle advocacy organization in Virginia that raises money to promote cycling, walking and active lifestyles. One who promotes the activity of cycling for transportation, sport, health or recreation and invests in or encourages public investment in cycling infrastructure and commerce. 2. adj. The quality of applying the

To select an experienced real estate consultant in Portland call How to Invest in Real Estate Portland at (503)539-9094, or visit us online at Feel free to attend our webinars and learn highly valuable tips and tricks that will set you on the path of real estate investing success. Connect with our real estate investing trainer and expert, John Sheldon.

Real Estate Consultant – Wednesday Update 08/01/2012

Portland Foreclosures- How To Get The Best Deal

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As many investors and first time home buyers look to Oregon, Portland foreclosures offer tremendous value and savings.  Foreclosures allow homeowners to save between twenty to thirty percent on the traditional sales price of a home. Properties that are bank-owned, seized or repossessed inventory known as REO’s (real estate owned) offer an even greater discount; sometimes as much as forty percent of the traditional sales price. It is important to tread carefully and wisely when purchasing  Portland foreclosures, your best bet will be to have a knowledgeable real estate consultant who will genuinely look after your best interests. This article will provide tips to secure maximum buying power and deep discounts. 

Tip No. 1: Short Sales Can Be A Nightmare 

Short sales usually involve very lengthy negotiations which must be approved by the lenders. Short sales for Portland foreclosures can take as long as a year to finally be approved and the discount is usually not so significant as to warrant such an arduous process.

Tip No. 2: Foreclosure Auctions Require Cash In Hand

If you are looking to score rock bottom prices with Portland foreclosure auctions keep in mind that you will need cold, hard cash. You will not be given the time that is necessary to secure a mortgage. More importantly you will be unable to see the inside of such a foreclosure as the current residents still own the property and by law they do not have to let you in for a viewing.

 Tip No.3: Bank Owned Property Deals Are Similar To Standard Home Sales

If you are seeking financing in order to purchase a property, REO or bank owned real estate, the  transaction is very similar to a traditional home purchase. Lenders usually hire real estate agents to show the properties to potential buyers, and home inspections are allowed. Mortgages are allowed and even encouraged when buying bank owned properties. Additionally, these deals tend to offer the best discounts on property as the banks are ready and willing to offload the property. Be advised that these are also in the worst condition, needing the most amount of work, and this is clearly reflected in the sales price.  The pricing is proportionate to the damage and the fact that the bank is simply trying to recover as much as possible on the losses incurred. 

Tip No. 4: Inspect Properties Carefully 

If you are able to follow tip #3 you will be able to complete a walk through and perform a home inspection. A thorough and professional inspection is crucial because most short sales and bank owned properties are sold “as is.” Once your inspector has examined the property, make a detailed list with all of the problems and provide an estimate of the needed repairs. You can provide this list to the seller or agent in order to negotiate the lowest sales price.

Tip No. 5: Have Financing Set Up In Advance 

In order to increase your chances of buying your selected distressed property make sure that you are approved.  A bank or lender can approve you for a mortgage loan with a contingency based on the property appraisal.  You will then be issued a pre-approval letter indicating this contingency which you can present the seller. Having your financing arranged in advance will facilitate your buying transaction. In today’s market there are multiple offers on bank owned properties and as such you really want to have all of your documentation in order to assure the seller that you can be ready at the closing table in the shortest time possible. 

Tip No. 6: Hire An Experienced Real Estate Consultant 

Consult with a real estate expert, preferably one who has experience dealing with Portland foreclosures and bank owned deals, as opposed to just hiring a realtor. Experienced real estate consultants will be able to help you execute the smoothest transaction based on their experience and relationships with banks and lenders. 

Tip No. 7: Study Your Market 

Before diving into buying Portland foreclosures, take a look at the average selling price of properties in the area of your choice. Also make a note of the average selling time. The longer it takes a property to sell the greater your chances of negotiating a lower price. Consult with a professional real estate consultant if you have any questions about these factors. 

Tip No. 8: Realize That We Are Still In A Distressed Market 

Now that you are ready to be a real estate investor it is absolutely crucial that you fully realize that in many ways, Portland along with most of the rest of the nation is still in a distressed market. It will be a few years before the real estate market corrects itself. Often novices purchase a property thinking that paint, new carpeting and cabinet handles will entitle them to a significant profit practically overnight.

Consult with a seasoned real estate consultant so that you can discuss your expectations and finances. This is a fabulous time to purchase real estate with the understanding that you will hold on to the investment for a few years. To learn more about how to make Portland foreclosures a successful part of your real estate investing, call (503)539-9094 or visit Discover how you can join our real estate investment training/mentoring/partnering group free for a limited time.

Portland Foreclosures- How To Get The Best Deal

Real Estate Consultant Recommends Portland For Smart Investing- Press Release

PORTLAND, OR: Local real estate consultant recommends real estate investors choose Portland, Oregon properties to diversify investment portfolios in a window that may rapidly close. “Portland is experiencing a a heightened demand for real estate due to the median pricing and the safety statistics as compared to other parts of the country. Numerous experts and experienced investors are advising that this is the best market and time to secure real estate as the demand for rental properties is soaring,” observes John Sheldon of How to Invest in Real Estate Portland.

In light of the HARP 2.0 (Home Affordable Refinance Program) that is designed to help Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan holders, now may be the time to take action before the foreclosure market slows down. It is impossible to know the impact that the HARP 2.0 refinance program will have on the real estate inventory; it may help stabilize home prices and reduce foreclosures in the future. There is also talk of a possible principal forgiveness program, and while it’s still early to know if this will truly come to pass, such a program could radically affect the current foreclosure market. 

Real estate has long been regarded as the most secure investment. Gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and even Tony Robbins advise that real estate investing is the most solid way to build and create wealth while benefiting from the tax structure. Seasoned and first time property investors in Portland are turning to Sheldon’s services as a local, well respected real estate consultant and seasoned real estate investor through his free training and partnering site at

At present record numbers of Americans have declared bankruptcy and have lost their homes to foreclosure. These are the same folks who real estate consultants say make the best tenants as they will more than likely rent for a minimum of 3 to 5 years before their credit can improve enough to qualify for the purchase of another home. Additionally, they tend to be more responsible tenants who still have the ownership mentality and take better care of rental property.

Investors from all over the United States are setting their sights on Portland, and real estate consultants are helping them find the best bargains in the foreclosure market. Real estate investors looking for instruction, training and assistance will find that a local real estate consultant has much more access to and insight on the foreclosure gems that are  available. Portland’s professional team of real estate experts can be reached at (503)539-9094 or online.

Portland Real Estate Investing: Power of Know, Like & Trust

Wow, I had some great interaction directly with a seller that I feel is important to share with others involved in Portland real estate investing.

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-3em”]1[/dropcap]st  I got a call from Bill, who was referred to me by a friend. Bill is somewhat of a motivated seller. When I first talked to him over the phone, he started telling me of a rental that he owns not too far from Intel campuses in Hillsboro. He’s in the process of evicting the tenant.  

He starts telling me that he owes about $85k on a place that is worth no more than $120k.  Not too exciting, as his $1100 monthly rent, does not provide any true cash-flow above his $800 monthly payments, taxes and insurance. We only talked 2-3 minutes real estate at all.  I began asking him general questions, that got Bill talking about things in his life that have nothing to do with his rental or real estate at all for that matter.  

By the end of the 20 minute phone call I knew all sorts about his life.  He was traveling the following week to Vancouver BC and Seattle area to help with a civic-service organization that he has been active in for 38 years.  I specifically probed further in this area, as I could sense it was his true passion and this lead him to open up to me.

This made it very simple to find out more about his life, finances etc. He retired about 10 years ago.  His daughter took over the business that he owned in Tualatin that still occupies a building that he owns free and clear.  As tenant in his commercial building, Bill’s daughter pays him a nice monthly income that affords him to live very comfortably.  He owns his home free and clear. AND… next door to the rental we spoke of originally, he owns another identical rental, [highlighter color=”blue-vibrant” ]except this one is free & clear.[/highlighter]  

After setting the stage above, it was very simple for us to plan a face to face meeting after he returned from his trip.

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-3em”]2[/dropcap]nd We met at a Sherry’s restaurant last Friday for more of the same.  

This meeting was not to analyze the opportunity.  This meeting was to further my relationship with Bill.  We scheduled 45 minutes for this meeting.  A full 40 minutes of this meeting was filled with Bill talking further about his life, lead by a few key questions by me. This is not rocket science once you get the correct mindset.  So Bill continued more about his civic-service organization, his wife, all 3 of his adult children, his grandkids and more.  

With 5 minutes left in our scheduled meeting, I decided that we should talk a little about the properties.  As I did that, he started asking me about my kids, that’s how comfortable and in-the-flow Bill was feeling at this point.  We went about 5 minutes overtime, as I reviewed my original notes about the property with Bill and added to notes and understanding about the two properties.

I told him that I would do a drive-by of the properties and get back to him this week to talk further.

People tend to do business with those people that they know, like and trust. This is true in Portland real estate investing as in most any transaction.

One of the most famous and certainly simple books to read on this subject is “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.  This is a must read for everyone and I highly suggest it to all.  Even if you have read it a few years back, read it again and review it often.  It is great input not just for business, but for life in general.

[divider type=”dots” width=”small” align=”aligncenter” clear=”clearboth”]

Whether or not I end up doing business with Bill, this is already a successful relationship for me. I have further expanded my sphere of influence, as I suggest is the premier form of marketing in creative real estate.

Regarding the Properties 

My initial thoughts are to help him unload the leveraged property by selling it to me at about what he owes so that I can break even or hooking up with a realtor to sell it retail.

THE KEY is that I will help him get rid of the leveraged property, so that I can then purchase his free & clear one with seller financing that provides a clear positive cash flow. 

[box color=”blue-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”star”]I may then wholesale this property, clearing $7,500 from another local investor who is looking for this type of Portland real estate investment.[/box]

Any questions?

To Your Success!


Portland Real Estate Investing: Power of Know, Like & Trust

Real Estate Investment Group Portland – Wednesday Update 02/22/2012

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This edition will show why investors should rely on the services of a professional real estate investment group, Portland‘s inventory of foreclosures and the current pricing trends. We will also see the impact that local  real estate has on  local schools, and to finish up we will learn about valuable self improvement tips and Oregon’s plans for a natural park.

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Tanking home prices mean Portland schools Oregon Live


Portland school leaders say they never expected home values would decline 9 percent in one year, in turn decreasing property tax payments to save teaching jobs by 13 percent from what they had counted on.

 City’s first permanent nature play area in Westmoreland Park? |


and submit it by Friday, February 25 at 5 p.m. to Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong, Portland Parks & Recreation, 1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1302, Portland, OR 97204. Email:

 Examine your options by contacting a professional real estate investment group, Portland‘s real estate opportunities are available to everyone. To learn more call(503)539-9094 or visit

Commercial Real Estate- Portland’s Multiple Options

Commercial Real Estate Portland

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Business owners often find themselves deciding whether to buy or lease commercial real estate, Portland offers many commercial and mixed use properties to satisfy multiple needs. The main goal is to properly identify the right timing to ensure the highest possible gains. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” type of solution when purchasing commercial real estate. This article will highlight the pros and cons associated with leasing and buying commercial property.

1. Location

If considering buying definitely think long term. What today is considered a “hot” area may later become a “not” area. Locations which are considered to be trendy today, may experience a stall in gentrification. The reverse of this is also true, you may indeed purchase in an area that may soon end up becoming the “hot” place. Whenever possible check to see if the government offices, are showing any plans for future developments such as, metro stations, police stations, hospitals, etc., this will be a helpful marker to determine if this area will be suitable for your needs.

2. Liquidity

Many people may  find that in order to buy commercial property they will tie up their liquidity. If the market slows down or enters a slump, selling the real estate can be a bit more challenging. It can also be said that a property owner has a tangible asset to sell should an emergency injection of cash be needed. As a property owner, obtaining a loan on the property may also be an option in the future when emergency cash is required.

3. Cash flow

Sometimes property owners may find themselves at the mercy of their tenants, if the tenant stops paying rent the cash flow inevitably suffers. If unexpected and expensive repairs are needed on the property, cash flow will again become compromised. It is always advisable to have a bare minimum of six months worth of financial reserves to cover the rental or mortgage payments. Sharing or subleasing commercial space may also help with cash flow in some scenarios.

4. Control

As the owner you will have much more control. For example, a tenant may find that when the lease rolls over, they now have to pay a higher rental based on the actual market trend. When you own a property you do not have to worry about the lease roll over and you can enjoy the tax benefit on depreciation.             

Whether you buy or rent, the choice will simply be based on your economics. Speak to a professional real estate expert to properly help you conduct an in depth rent versus own analysis. Do make sure to account for projected business growth forecasts , real estate market trends, and tax benefits for depreciation. By sitting down with an expert to help you study your different options and scenarios, you will be able to make wise and informed decisions. Determine how much you are willing to invest in commercial real estate, Portland commercial property professionals will help you analyze your budget in order to help you find your best deal.

Commercial Real Estate- Portland’s Multiple Options

Real Estate Investing Issue: Weekly Wednesday Update 12/07/11

Real Estate InvestingReal estate investing is one of the most popular and profitable ways to earn a great income. Usually, this is preferably in the form of passive income from investing existing money into businesses or assets. Real estate is a relatively secure option for investment, especially compared to the more volatile practice of investing in shares. We usually expect the market value of property to change quite slowly, barring a huge unforeseen swaying force.

As an investor, it is important to research the location, history, and market predictions to ensure you are putting your money, time, and effort into the best possible investment. Over time, as you repay the loan you can consider a larger amount of the asset to be yours, while ideally collecting rent as the property grows in value.

However, before taking the leap into real estate investing, it is important to first consider some of the main positive and negative points involved. First, it is most often a safe, long term investment, so is popular with people who are not looking to take much risk as well as want a solid investment to carry into retirement. The second great thing is the ability to put tenants in your property and collect rent. Of course this carries risks of attracting bad tenants and property damage, ideally a large amount of your loan repayment can be offset by this income.

Another reason real estate investing is popular is the fact that it is a real, tangible asset that you can physically inspect, allowing for a greater feeling control. Lastly, there are many great options to claim tax deductions, thus increasing your overall cash flow. You can claim the interest on your loan repayments, costs in maintaining and traveling to the property, as well as depreciation on your asset.

Despite investing in real estate being quite an attractive idea, there are a few possible things to consider. Although it is true that properties are less volatile, if it did and you wanted to sell off your asset and make a loss, it still may take several months to find a buyer unless you are willing to sell significantly below the market value.& Secondly, it is a real possibility that you may for periods of time be unable to find tenants, meaning you have to be prepared to make loan repayments completely out of pocket, in addition to other expenses.

And, there is also the risk of bad tenants. Lastly, real estate investing is often an enormous investment and will encompass a lot of your resources. Therefore, if things were to go bad it would have a larger negative impact compared to investing in several different, smaller options. Lastly, in addition to repayments and interest, there are maintenance costs and insurance, and periods of vacancy where no rent is collected. You must be prepared to pay all of these out of pocket or risk financial repercussions.

In conclusion, although it can be quite a lucrative and safe investing option, there are some pros and cons to consider before you decide to take the leap into real estate investing.

Marketing Makeover for Maximum Real Estate Money

Marketing Makeover for Maximum Money

Effective Marketing Can Multiply Your Return On Investment

There have been a few times in my real estate investing career where it seemed as though out of nowhere, the referral/networking lead funnel just dried up. Disappeared. I wasn’t doing deals for months at a time. A month or two I just consider a vacation. Four months starts to make me nervous.

What saved my bacon each of those times was one word: marketing. In my free video “Seven Biggest Mistakes in Portland Real Estate Investing” we covered some important aspects of how marketing can improve your results. What I want to talk about with you here are three specific strategies and tactics you can use to make the marketing you use work better for you, to generate a higher quantity of quality, profitable deals.

Three Marketing Optimization techniques are:

  1. Define your difference
  2. Know your prospect
  3. Target your marketing message

Define Your Difference

It’s not nearly as crowded as it was back in the early 2000’s, but there are still a lot of us investors working in Portland. Don’t be surprised to find that the prospect you’re visiting with has just met with someone you know (or don’t know), or has plans to, very soon. When we’re faced with a lot of competition, it becomes exceedingly important to define our unique proposition. What we do or who we are that is different, memorable, and hopefully important to our seller.

As much as you might hear otherwise, very few people always sell for the highest price or always buy for the lowest price. Relationship, perceived value, experience, convenience, reputation and more can all play immensely important roles in determining whom the seller ultimately decides to do business with. So determine what’s different about you and make sure you communicate it in your branding and messaging.

Know Your Prospect

Everyone has their unique situation and needs, and part of our job as investors is to uncover that and make sure our solution solves their problem. That being said, different types of deals are best suited for people in certain categories. For example, offers to buy a property and pay for it over time are often best directed at seniors who are less concerned with buying another house and more concerned with the shrinking ability of their social security checks to pay their bills and long-term care needs.

So think about the type of investing model you’d like to specialize in. Consider the way it works, or the problems it solves. Think about what type of people as a class might have those types of problems most often or most urgently. And then get to understand them better. Research and learn more about their beliefs, values, and habits. Determine what prompts them to take action and feel good about it. In so doing, you will be better poised to focus on their benefit, which allows you to make a more powerful, convincing, helpful offer.

Target Your Marketing Message

In the free video I talk about how you want to fish where the fish are. At the risk of being redundant, I want to bring this up again, because it’s so important. If you are trying to sell water to people who live on a freshwater lake, you’re likely to have less success than selling that same water to people who live in a desert with no well. Target your message to those who are interested.

So you’ve identified your business model and know who is likely to need and want what you have to offer. Focus your financial resources on making sure as many of those people as possible get your marketing message. On the other hand, you want as few people as possible who don’t fit those criteria to get your message. It will reduce your costs, reduce complaints (from people who shouldn’t have gotten your marketing in the first place), and increase return on investment of your marketing dollar. And when you get more bang from your marketing buck, it empowers you to market to those people again and again. Over time, they become aware of you, become familiar with you, and eventually become comfortable to do business with you.

Of course there are many more steps to creating effective, profitable real estate investing marketing. There are whole four-year graduate degrees just focused on this stuff. The reality is that many people, even when they understand the importance of marketing, are not capable of effectively executing. This is one of the reasons we created our email marketing campaign, where we partner with qualified investors or would-be investors and actually do the marketing for them, communicating with their email database in a way that builds relationship and credibility and attracts deal referrals like a 10-pound magnet attracts paper clips. If you’re interested in learning more about how to invest in real estate Portland-style using effective marketing, you can give us a call at (503)539-9094 or visit our website.

No matter how you get it done, effective marketing added to your mix of consistent real estate investing behaviors will give you greater consistency and quality of deal flow. Effective real estate investing marketing will certify your income and substantiate your dreams of wealth and success, and is worth 10x, even 100x, the time, money, and effort you will invest to incorporate it into your business. Take action and prosper.

Marketing Makeover for Maximum Real Estate Money

Working with Realtors – Real Incentive to Wreck Your Deals

Working with Realtors - Charlie Brown: Realtor Charlie (detail)

Working with Realtors

In my free video “Seven Biggest Mistakes in Portland Real Estate Investing” I talk about the double-edged sword of working with realtors, because of what you need from them vs. what you have to be careful of. In this article, I want to give you two insights you may not have considered about why many realtors are subtly encouraged to undermine your deal evaluations and suck profits out of your real estate investing business.

If You Look Good, You Feel Good

Many realtors consider themselves very special people. After all, in Portland tens of thousands of home buyers are working with realtors every year, seeking advice and guidance on the biggest purchase many will ever make in their lives. Like doctors, lawyers, and politicians, sometimes that authority goes to agents’ heads, and inflates their ego. Many even lose the sense of themselves as salespeople, and begin to think of themselves more as professional advisors, when in fact only the most sophisticated realtors know even the basics of what the average investor learns.

What that translates into is an unwillingness to do anything they perceive as “salesy,” including making “lowball” offers. Many of these realtors feel that it is more important to look good, like they’re bringing only big spenders, than it is to actually generate the multiple sales that are inevitable when dealing with an active investor. These realtors will tell you that they cannot or will not present your offers, though they are required to. They will tell you that the offer will be refused, with no knowledge of the seller or their requirements. They will often require you to raise your offer, and new or hesitant investors often will. Imagine shaving thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars of safety margin and profit from otherwise good deals because of working with realtors of this type.

I Make Money if You Lose Money

This is perhaps the most insidious element of working with realtors more focused on their success than true win/win transactions. As I mention in the video, realtors have no skin in the game. They’re not paying to be part of the transaction, and there’s no risk to them if the transaction fails. But it goes one step further.

The realtor is paid a percentage of the purchase price. The higher the price, the higher their commission. If they can encourage you to increase your sense of the value of a property to where you are willing to raise the purchase offer by $10,000, they will increase their income by $150 to $600. It may not seem like much incentive, but if they do that for 20 transactions in a year, that’s an extra $3,000 to $12,000 in their pockets. Even the most honest person is going to be tempted by that kind of self-driven raise, right?

However, their raise translates to an increase in your buying costs (if all 20 of those purchase transactions were with you) of $200,000 in that year. A good portion of that pure profit income that you gave up. That could be the difference between barely breaking even and living the lifestyle you and your family deserve. See how quickly that can add up?

How Can Working with Realtors Benefit You?

The good news is, not all realtors are cut from the same cloth. In fact, some realtors are, have been, will be, or have the mindset of, investors. They understand that investors can reinvigorate a local community, increase property values, bring new residents and new tax revenue, and give potential home buyers a chance at the great American Dream. They believe in you and what you do.

And they also realize that even though they may not make the maximum dollar from every transaction, they will do a lot more transactions with you than the typical buyer or seller who does a transaction every two to five years. This translates into less work pounding the pavement and looking for listings or trying to find buyers for the listings they’ve got sitting stagnant. Everybody wins.

So how can you find and start working with realtors of this variety? Ask around. Check with other local investors who are successfully working with those types of realtors. Look for them in local investors’ clubs. They’re there, and chances are, they won’t be hard to find. And when you find a good realtor who understands investing and is willing to support you, treat them as the true asset they are, and you will find that your business blossoms along with theirs, and you will make the money you want and create the lifestyle you dream. Take action and prosper.

Working with Realtors – Real Incentive to Wreck Your Deals

Negotiating on the Phone – Why We Try and Die

Negotiating on the Phone

Negotiating on the Phone Is A Bad Idea

Phone sales work. There is a very high-income niche of the stock brokerage industry in which the sales reps almost never meet their clients in person. Maybe you’ve even received a call from someone offering you a high quality recommendation and then asking if you’ve got $10K or $25K you’re ready to invest in that recommendation now.

So why doesn’t negotiating on the phone work in real estate investing? Why can’t you call a prospective seller in Portland and just qualify them and ask to buy their house on the phone?

Well, you can actually. But you just have to expect a very, very, very low success rate. Why? In my free video “Seven Biggest Mistakes in Portland Real Estate Investing” I talk about the pure power of communication lost negotiating on the phone. You can discover how improper use of the phone can dramatically reduce your ability to buy profitable real estate in the video there.

In addition to the lost power of communication, I recommend strongly against trying to hunt for property over the phone for three reasons I’m going to share with you now:

  • A higher level of distrust of “phone strangers”
  • The physical nature of real estate
  • The caller’s hidden reasons for attempting the transaction by phone

Mother Always Said to Never Talk to Phone Strangers

On the phone, it’s not like meeting a stranger in person.

Think about your typical reaction to a stranger calling you. Aren’t you immediately just a little cautious? Who are they? Why are they calling you? Especially if they’re calling you at home, in a very real if unconscious way, they’re an uninvited guest. Even if they’re calling regarding an ad you’ve placed in Craigslist, chances are at some level you’re trying to figure out if it’s okay for that person to come to your home … come into your home.

Now you’ve got a better sense of what your prospect is going through when you call them. They’re going to be suspicious and likely unwilling to give you all the details. After all, at this point in the game, you know a lot more about them than they do about you, and nobody likes to be at such a clear disadvantage.

The Hands-On Nature of Real Estate

The fact is, stocks are in a way made for phone sales. Very few people really understand money, and once money is stashed in a savings account, retirement fund, or portfolio, it’s all conceptual. That’s one of the reasons for the credit card crisis. People can’t see the money leaving their hands, so they tend to be less adept at handling it. So to have a voice without a face talking about concepts that barely mean anything to them is all sort of par for the course.

Exactly unlike that, real estate is very tangible. You can see it, touch it, smell it. So suddenly that faceless voice is not talking about some concept you barely understand and don’t connect with anyway. That voice is negotiating on the phone with you, trying to take your home. And if that voice is trying to take your home over the phone for half of what you think it’s worth, you’re going to get defensive. Maybe even angry. How could this possibly go well?

The very best way for that prospect to connect you to their home is to enter it as an invited guest. In my trainings we spend a lot of time on how you can create that effect, but basically, you want to begin the process of letting them get to know, like, and trust you on the phone, and then get the appointment. A fantastic resource I recommend often is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It’s a classic guide on helping people to know, like and trust you so they’re willing and even eager to do business.

The Investor’s Easy Out of Negotiating on the Phone

By far, I believe this is the real reason investors are not more successful by phone. It’s simply that the phone is a cover-up to shield the investor. In my own experience and in talking to other investors I’ve discovered that too often, we get on the phone and get pulled into the prospect’s world. We answer all the prospect’s questions, even when it’s not the right time and place, because it’s easy. We avoid rejection and get to seem like the expert. In reality, we’re giving them more and more ammunition to say “not interested.”

It’s ironic. In trying to avoid rejection, we create it.

And of course there’s the other part of this. Maybe you’ve been the one receiving a call from a telemarketer who seems totally and utterly confident and relaxed. It puts you at ease and makes you more likely to complete the call. On the other hand, you’ve probably received a bunch of calls where the caller sounded like a robot, or pushy, or uneasy. Chances are, you responded by being quick to get off the phone. Just like that, if you begin negotiating on the phone and your actual intent is to avoid getting with the prospect in person, they will hear it at some level, in your choice of words and how you speak, and they will deny you.

The Fix

I’m not going to tell you that it’s necessarily quick or easy, but there are a few steps you can take to become great on the phone:

  • Get clear that your purpose on the phone is to get a face-to-face appointment
  • Spend a little time getting to know them as a person and letting them get to know you as a person
  • Have or develop a script that you practice until you are comfortable with it, including your responses to inevitable questions that can derail the call
  • Be prepared to get on the phone and practice, practice, practice with real prospects to get good

The phone is a necessary and critical part of how to invest in real estate in Portland. If you are willing to avoid negotiating on the phone, get clear on your purpose and put in the time, your phone skills can give you a leg up over the competition and firmly establish your ability to create the income and lifestyle you desire and deserve. Take action and prosper.

Why We Try and Die Negotiating on the Phone