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Portland Rental Properties – Wednesday Update 08/15/2012

Portland Rental Properties - interior view

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Today we will discuss intelligent ways to crunch numbers when you are planning to buy Portland rental properties.  See how Portland’s housing market is showing signs of improvement with higher sales prices and rental rates. We will also look at how to implement self development techniques to keep focus and momentum as we reach for our  goals. To finish up we will learn about free open house introducing the Rose City’s aquatic center.

Buying Portland Rental Properties? 5 Ways to Crunch the Numbers | Zillow Blog

www.zillow.com8/13/12 There are many ways to evaluate investment returns when you purchase an income property. But you are the only one who can choose which evaluation and analysis method is appropriate for you and satisfies your personal

How to Buy Portland Rental Properties: A Beginners Guide |

articlebro.com8/15/12 Buying an investment property is an effective strategy for acquiring a long time wealth. The market experiences its occasional rise and fall at a given period. The first step that you need to consider is to consult to your financial

243 Greystone – How to buy a US house with Postitve Cash Flow and Top Rental Returns for $47000

Mike & Bron of Top Rental Returns Atlanta Foreclosure Property Management specialists assisting investors to purchase, renovate and tenant US foreclosure property. Top Rental Returns High Yielding US Foreclosure Property M…

Keeping On Track With Your Personal Development Goals

socialmediaaz.org8/15/12Do your best to be honest in all circumstances. People will appreciate someone who is honest, and you will avoid a lot of trouble and stress if you do not try to fool anyone. Always be honest when it comes.

The Oregon Economics Blog: Portland Home Values Rise

oregonecon.blogspot.com7/31/12 The May Case-Shiller numbers are out and the news is good for Portland. Portland saw a month over month and a year over year increase in home values. This picture above, of the seasonally adjusted C-S numbers shows

Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center sets open Oregon Live

blog.oregonlive.com8/13/12 The Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center will hold an open house on Aug. 22 to celebrate its bond measure-funded expansion and service improvement project. The public is invited to the free event, which will run from 3 to 7:30 p.m..

To  learn more about selecting and purchasing Portland rental properties call (503)539-9094, or visit us online at We also welcome you to attend our free webinars that offer valuable tips and techniques from expert local real estate investing trainer and expert John Sheldon.

Portland Rental Properties – Wednesday Update 08/15/2012

Portland Rental Properties- Wednesday Update 06/13/2012

Portland Rental Properties can be as beautiful as this brick home

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Today’s article will provide insight to find the best Portland rental properties, along with valuable information regarding the tax benefits. Learn what Warren Buffet says about rental properties in today’s economy and how to secure financial stability with real estate.  Become more powerful and effective with personal development tips to help you achieve your goals. We will look at the current property values in Portland and the therapeutic benefits of recreational activities. 

 Four Steps to search out Best Portland Rental Property Apartment….


There are many factors to be thought-about while trying to find an affordable and well equipped housing facility for rent in Portland. Preferring the country’s fastest developing cities like Maine is the most effective choices to

Tax Advantages of Portland Rental Properties | Realty Executives International


Even if your property value is increasing and you’re making home improvements to a rental property, you can probably claim annual depreciation. To get the specifics on how a property you’re considering might depreciate,

Warren Buffet commented about Single Family Homes Rental Properties on CNBC

Warren Buffett, the world’s most respected billionaire investor said on CNBC recently that single family rental homes are about the most attractive asset class that you can invest in today’s market. He also said if he has a way of buying a couple hun…

 The Incredible Me: Tips On Personal Development


The Incredible Me: Tips On Personal Development. Published by admin in genral on June 12th, 2012. The procedure to aid oneself improve and expand in your life is just not a simple one. Following the recommendation and suggestions

The Oregon Economics Blog: Portland Home Values: The Case


Portland is still seeing a marked decrease in home values, but overall there is some hope for brighter days ahead. Apparently there is a smaller mix of distressed sales in these data and the home building data recently have

Portland (OR) Daily Photo: Rose Festival Fred Meyer Junior Parade


Recreational therapists provide recreational activities and treatment for patients with disabilities or illnesses. Therapeutic activities can include arts and crafts, animals, sports, games, dance and movement, drama, music or

To learn more about Portland rental properties and the necessary steps needed to create a passive monthly income call (503)539-9094, or visit us online at Attend our webinars to learn the right way to invest in real estate with a local real estate investing trainer and expert.

Portland Rental Properties-– Wednesday Update 03/07/2012

Portland Rental Properties

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This week we’ll learn why investors are buying Portland rental properties; the changes in the tax code and tips to leverage the benefits. We’ll also explore some powerful self development tips for achievement and success. Lastly we’ll review the quarterly real estate report and finish by learning about the Presidential honors given to Portland for parks and recreation for the youth.

Tax Advantages of Portland Rental Properties  Realty Executives International


It’s tax time again, and we could all use an extra deduction. The tax advantages of owning Portland rental properties are well-documented, but there’s also an upside to renting properties. Here’s an overview of the types of tax

Why You Should Invest in a Portland Rental Property | The Rental Standard


While the advantages of owning Portland rental property is great, remember that it also comes with the responsibility of maintenance and tenant management. Being a landlord isn’t for the faint of heart, and you need to be able to

 Tax Deductions: Investors and Buying Rental Properties

Investors, Portland rental properties and tax deductions. If you want to buy an inexpensive home and rent it out as an investment, do you know how to start? Do you have a single member LLC? Tax expert and CPA Dennis Greenfield covers proper…

  6 Personal Development Techniques For Effective Objective


6 Personal Development Techniques For Effective Objective Achievement. Personal growth contains the principal objective of letting you to be a success! This really is its main purpose. To find out personal development on your own and go

Portland Center for Real Estate Quarterly Report: Review and


The following is from my summary and editorial in the most recent issue of the Portland Center for Real Estate Quarterly Report . As noted in the past few issues, our economy is groping its way out of recession. The US economy remains In addition, as shown in the figure below, the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis anticipates declining house prices through 2013. The OEA does not see prices recovering to their pre-recession levels until sometime in the early to

PDX Traffic: Presidential Honor for Portland Parks & Recreation


Photo courtesy: Portland Parks & Recreation, Portland, OR). Presidential Honor for Portland Parks & Recreation Employee: Sports Management Supervisor Andre Ashley Selected for White House Award. (Portland, OR) – Portland Parks & Recreation According to the White House Office of Public Engagement, the award recognizes Ashley as one who is “Winning the Future” by empowering and inspiring the youth in their communities to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

To learn more about Portland rental properties and your options to create passive monthly income call (503)539-9094, or visit us online at  Stop by for a free consultation at  8925 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Suite E Portland, OR 97225 and set up a time for quality Portland rental property investment training.

Portland Rental Properties

Portland Rental Properties – Wednesday Update 1/25/2012

Portland Rental Properties Apartment : High resolution image interior. 3d illustration modern interior.In this edition, we’ll examine the tax benefits for rental properties, the ease and time required to manage your rentals, and the ever increasing demand for rental properties in Portland. Additionally, we will learn about Portland’s plans for water, how you can save a lot money with free banking and lastly the Trail Blazers’ winning streak.

New IRS regulations impact owners of rental, investment properties
portland rental propertieswww.trulia.com1/25/12
If you own rental property, or any other business or investment property, the Internal Revenue Service has bad news for you. It has issued a massive new set of regulations (256 pages in all) with complex rules that, starting in

How I Spend Only 30 Minutes A Month On My Rental Properties and
They say that real estate is one of the best investments you can make. I say investing in rental properties is one of the best investments you can make.

Population density creates demand for rental properties in Portland, Beaverton, and Clackamas
Portland’s urban growth boundary is going to cause real estate values to continue to appreciate over time. Dennis Gorton, a real estate agent in Portland, Oregon, says that real estate prices in Portland are directly related to population density. Th…

State health authorities delay decision on Portland’s water-treatment waiver –
OregonLive.comState health authorities delay decision on Portland’s water-treatment waiverOregonLive.comThe Oregon Health Authority won’t issue a final decision this month on Portland’s request to skip building a treatment plant in the Bull Run water …

Money vault: Free checking at banks and credit unions in Oregon –
OregonLive.comMoney vault: Free checking at banks and credit unions in OregonOregonLive.comPortland-based Umpqua Bank last year stopped offering the first box of checks for free. The Umpqua Holdings Corp. unit also ended a $90 credit toward checks on …

Portland Trail Blazers (11-7) at Golden State Warriors (5-11), 10:30 pm (ET) –
Maddux Sports (blog)Portland Trail Blazers (11-7) at Golden State Warriors (5-11), 10:30 pm (ET)MiamiHerald.comBy Sports Network The Portland Trail Blazers will shoot for their third win in as many nights when they pay a visit to the Golden State War …

As the growing demand for rental properties continues to increase, this market proves to be the ideal to invest in Portland rental properties. In order to learn how to invest in real estate is it important to work with dedicated and honest  professionals. For quality assessment call (503)539-9094 or visit

Portland Property Management- Making Intelligent Decisions

One of the safest places to live in the United States is Portland. Property management companies in Portland are experiencing an increase in the number of investors who are looking for portfolio diversification. Property management companies are able to offer stable and passive returns. Many national and international investors are choosing Portland for real estate investment.

Beautiful house under Portland property management

Having a property management company will save you a lot of time. These professionals can tackle the time consuming chores involved in property maintenance. Property managers handle much more than just the tenant screening process. They address preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance, inspections and renovations. More importantly, they respond to emergencies which require immediate action. Due to their established networks, they can easily find quality affordable professionals to handle your property’s plumbing, electric, gardening, carpentry, drywall and heating needs just to name a few. Their experience will save you many headaches, as they will know how to best accommodate your tenants while saving you time, stress, and money.

In order to be successful as an investor, finding the right property management company is key. Many real estate agents looking to compensate their incomes will gladly offer to help you find a property and rent it out. Be advised that many real estate agents are only knowledgeable in terms of RESPA (Real Estate Sales Procedures Act); this is great when you are buying or selling a property, but you really need a knowledgeable and experienced professional whose main focus is property management. Experienced property managers understand and comply with legislation, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Federal Fair Housing Amendment Act, as well as the Oregon Fair Housing Laws. They will be sure that the renting and advertising practices are not discriminatory and that the property itself complies with all of the local, State, and Federal regulations and building codes. Professional property managers will know the Landlord Tenant Laws, especially when dealing with evictions, non-payment of rent or harassment.  

Portland Property Management Woman Portrait PhotoIt is highly advisable that you interview various property management companies in order to determine their experience, history and knowledge. Not all property management companies are created equal, and as such, your true investment success will be determined by the professional that you hire.  When looking for a Portland property management firm, it is wise to to check that the company is licensed and registered with the state of Oregon. You can visit to verify that  the professional you are engaging is a licensed property manager. If your property manager is not an active licensee, he or she is operating illegally and you are not receiving the benefit of having the Oregon Real Estate Commission oversight. This extra step will provide you piece of mind. A registered property manager has undergone background examinations, drug testing, continuing education requirements, licensing examination requirements and has professional liability insurance.  

Why exactly does professional liability insurance matter? Statistics show that since 2002 the number of lawsuits in the real estate arena have escalated significantly. The biggest increase and largest claim type was directly related to property management. There may be times in which property managers may be involved in litigation with tenants or contractors. Thus, insurance coverage will protect the property manager from frivolous law suits while insuring peace of mind for both of you.  

Some property management companies even offer online owner portals. This allows you to have the leases, management contracts, financial reports, paid invoice copies, inspection reports and even inspection videos accessible online without having to contact the property manager. When you have the right property management professional working for you, your investment will work on autopilot.

Here is a list of questions that you should ask Portland Property Management firms

How many properties does the manager have under management?
How does the property manager handle repairs?
What kind of insurance coverage does the property manager have?
What is the company’s  Better Business Bureau rating?
Is the property manager a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)?
Does the property manager accept electronic rent payment?
Does the property manager pay owners by direct deposit?
Does the property manager offer an online owner portal?

The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) is also a great source to help you find Portland Property Management firms.

Portland Property Management