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Portland Rental Properties – Wednesday Update 08/15/2012

Portland Rental Properties - interior view

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Today we will discuss intelligent ways to crunch numbers when you are planning to buy Portland rental properties.  See how Portland’s housing market is showing signs of improvement with higher sales prices and rental rates. We will also look at how to implement self development techniques to keep focus and momentum as we reach for our  goals. To finish up we will learn about free open house introducing the Rose City’s aquatic center.

Buying Portland Rental Properties? 5 Ways to Crunch the Numbers | Zillow Blog

www.zillow.com8/13/12 There are many ways to evaluate investment returns when you purchase an income property. But you are the only one who can choose which evaluation and analysis method is appropriate for you and satisfies your personal

How to Buy Portland Rental Properties: A Beginners Guide |

articlebro.com8/15/12 Buying an investment property is an effective strategy for acquiring a long time wealth. The market experiences its occasional rise and fall at a given period. The first step that you need to consider is to consult to your financial

243 Greystone – How to buy a US house with Postitve Cash Flow and Top Rental Returns for $47000

Mike & Bron of Top Rental Returns Atlanta Foreclosure Property Management specialists assisting investors to purchase, renovate and tenant US foreclosure property. Top Rental Returns High Yielding US Foreclosure Property M…

Keeping On Track With Your Personal Development Goals

socialmediaaz.org8/15/12Do your best to be honest in all circumstances. People will appreciate someone who is honest, and you will avoid a lot of trouble and stress if you do not try to fool anyone. Always be honest when it comes.

The Oregon Economics Blog: Portland Home Values Rise

oregonecon.blogspot.com7/31/12 The May Case-Shiller numbers are out and the news is good for Portland. Portland saw a month over month and a year over year increase in home values. This picture above, of the seasonally adjusted C-S numbers shows

Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center sets open Oregon Live

blog.oregonlive.com8/13/12 The Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center will hold an open house on Aug. 22 to celebrate its bond measure-funded expansion and service improvement project. The public is invited to the free event, which will run from 3 to 7:30 p.m..

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Portland Rental Properties – Wednesday Update 08/15/2012

Portland Rental Properties-– Wednesday Update 03/07/2012

Portland Rental Properties

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This week we’ll learn why investors are buying Portland rental properties; the changes in the tax code and tips to leverage the benefits. We’ll also explore some powerful self development tips for achievement and success. Lastly we’ll review the quarterly real estate report and finish by learning about the Presidential honors given to Portland for parks and recreation for the youth.

Tax Advantages of Portland Rental Properties  Realty Executives International


It’s tax time again, and we could all use an extra deduction. The tax advantages of owning Portland rental properties are well-documented, but there’s also an upside to renting properties. Here’s an overview of the types of tax

Why You Should Invest in a Portland Rental Property | The Rental Standard


While the advantages of owning Portland rental property is great, remember that it also comes with the responsibility of maintenance and tenant management. Being a landlord isn’t for the faint of heart, and you need to be able to

 Tax Deductions: Investors and Buying Rental Properties

Investors, Portland rental properties and tax deductions. If you want to buy an inexpensive home and rent it out as an investment, do you know how to start? Do you have a single member LLC? Tax expert and CPA Dennis Greenfield covers proper…

  6 Personal Development Techniques For Effective Objective


6 Personal Development Techniques For Effective Objective Achievement. Personal growth contains the principal objective of letting you to be a success! This really is its main purpose. To find out personal development on your own and go

Portland Center for Real Estate Quarterly Report: Review and


The following is from my summary and editorial in the most recent issue of the Portland Center for Real Estate Quarterly Report . As noted in the past few issues, our economy is groping its way out of recession. The US economy remains In addition, as shown in the figure below, the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis anticipates declining house prices through 2013. The OEA does not see prices recovering to their pre-recession levels until sometime in the early to

PDX Traffic: Presidential Honor for Portland Parks & Recreation


Photo courtesy: Portland Parks & Recreation, Portland, OR). Presidential Honor for Portland Parks & Recreation Employee: Sports Management Supervisor Andre Ashley Selected for White House Award. (Portland, OR) – Portland Parks & Recreation According to the White House Office of Public Engagement, the award recognizes Ashley as one who is “Winning the Future” by empowering and inspiring the youth in their communities to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

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