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Investor/Realtor Joins Us to Teach Free “How to Buy Portland Houses for Sale” Webinar


Portland, OR — veteran local investor/realtor joins investor/mentor to share their battle-proven strategies and tactics to beat competitive bids and tap into cheap, unlimited investment property financing to buy Portland houses for sale in free webinar October 3rd.

As both investors and primary home buyers in the market are already aware and the RMLS Market Action for August 2012 reports, housing inventories are shrinking. With the same demand directed at fewer properties, that means increased competition and frustration for retail and wholesale buyers.

Full-time investor John Sheldon continues to succeed in this changing environment, regularly completing real estate investment transactions that generate mid five-figure to six-figure payouts. But even he admits that the market has grown more difficult.

“When you’ve got investors and buyers bidding on the same Portland houses for sale in a low-inventory, low-value market, that means investors work harder for less profit,” Sheldon explains. “That’s why I wanted to find someone who really understands the Portland market and has a history of successfully winning in multiple-offer situations to present to my investor group How to Invest in Real Estate Portland.

“Tracey Branche has that experience. I’m excited to have her join me and share her tricks of the trade. Attendees to this free webinar are going to get a real leg up on the competition.”

Tracey Branche is a real estate broker with Oregon First and recipient of the Five Star Real Estate Agent award for 2011 & 2012. In addition to being a licensed realtor for over 10 years, she has been investing in real estate for 14 years and is currently on the board of the Portland chapter of the Real Estate Invesors Association.

In addition to Branche, Sheldon will also be sharing the results of a recent successful transaction of his. “I’m going to pull back the curtain on a deal I just completed,” reports Sheldon. “Attendees are going to learn how to use creative seller financing the way I did, to open the doors to all the cheap funding and arbitrage income they could ever want.”

“They’re also going to get an inside look at how they can actually quick-turn Portland houses for sale and still collect monthly paychecks from those properties for years after they’ve sold them.”

Webinar Details:

“How to Top Competitive Bids & Tap Infinite Funds”
Wednesday, October 3rd, 7pm – 8pm
Price: Free
Register for this and all upcoming free webinars at

John Sheldon may be reached at the offices of How to Invest in Real Estate Portland by mail at 8925 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Suite E, Portland, OR 97225, by phone at (503)539-9094 or through the website.

Press Release – Portland Real Estate Investment Veteran Teaches “Marketing without Money”

PORTLAND, OR — local, veteran real estate investor/mentor teams up with international speaker/consultant for one-time only, free webinar on September 5th, to teach Portland real estate investment entrepreneurs how to find sellers before they list, without spending a dime.

Portland real estate investor John Sheldon has participated in the dramatic rise, precipitous fall, and slow recovery of the Portland real estate investment market since 2001.

Even though he has personally made money on nearly every one of over 200 transactions, he watched over the past four years as the metaphorical ground crumbled beneath the feet of hundreds of investors and in cases, devastated their financial lives.

He decided to do something about it.

In early 2012, Sheldon created How to Invest in Real Estate Portland, a free real estate investment group and joint venture partnering club. The group educates and empowers new and experienced Portland real estate investors to succeed in the new real estate market, with its fluctuating values, shifting economics, and rapidly changing marketing practices.

“I love to teach people to safely profit and to avoid problems,” states Sheldon. “That’s why it’s been so rewarding for me to hold these webinars. I’ve gotten tremendous feedback from members and mentoring partners. They’ve told me they’ve discovered new confidence and made or saved thousands because of advice I’ve shared.

“But one of the biggest problems I’ve heard,” continues Sheldon, “is the lack of funds to carry on effective marketing. I’ve regularly spent thousands of dollars per month in direct marketing, but not many investors have that capability.

“So, I went in search of the best local resource I could find to help investors find low or no-cost methods of marketing. I found exactly what I was looking for in Jerry Fletcher.”

Jerry Fletcher of Z-axis Marketing, Inc. is a business development expert. He founded his consulting and speaking agency in 1990 when he left his position as CEO of a successful Portland advertising agency.

A professional speaker for 17 years, Fletcher is also a Certified Professional Consultant and prolific author, with three books, seven audio programs and four video programs.

Fletcher has birthed high-tech companies in garages, counseled boards of directors and worked with successful companies in conference rooms and kitchens.

Known also as “The Networking Ninja”, he has helped business people from companies small and large across America to discover new ways to build trust and mutually profitable business relationships.

Together in this one-time, free event, Sheldon and Fletcher will explore and reveal concepts of zero-cost marketing that will empower real estate entrepreneurs to:

  • Get to home owners before they list
  • Stay top of mind with neighborhood authorities
  • Make sure everyone they know is working to bring them profitable properties

“Real estate investing injects new cash and life into local communities, helps sellers, and keeps Portland great,” emphasizes Sheldon. “This live webinar event will remove the biggest obstacle many investors face today. We invite any Portland real estate investment entrepreneur facing these issues to attend.”

Webinar Details:
“Marketing without Money for Portland Real Estate Investors”
Wednesday, September 5th, 7pm – 8pm
Register for this and all upcoming free webinars at

Real Estate Consultant -Wednesday Update 08/01/2012

Image via Flickr

This article will provide tips on how to find the best local real estate consultant as Portland, Oregon’s housing market shows promising signs of improvement. See why Portland is named as one of the top ten best cities in the USA for food, drink and overall lifestyle. Explore Portland’s recreational lifestyle with dedicated bike paths, and hiking routes for complete outdoor enjoyment. Incorporate personal development techniques to reach your goals and manifest your dreams.

How to Pick a Real Estate Consultant


Do you have time to market your home, do you have the knowledge to accurately price your home, figure out all of the paperwork required with listing…

How to Pick a Real Estate Consultant That Suits Your Needs | Jenny Mac


Many factors contribute to the experience and success of buying and selling homes, but even in the digital age of a more transparent real estate market, working with a good real estate agent continues to be one of biggest impacts on either

 Portland Real Estate Consultant

How to Invest in Real Estate Portland How to Invest in Real Estate Portland 8925 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Suite E Portland, OR 97225 (503)539-9094 Portland Real Estate Consultant

Personal Development Tips You Need To Know |


A positive attitude is key to personal growth. Having a negative attitude will only hold you back and keep you from success. Try remaining positive so that you can reach your goals. Make yourself and your goals a priority.

 America’s Best Cities For Eating And Drinking, According To Trulia


and numerous farmers’ markets selling fresh produce from the nearby Central Valley. Seattle is fifth, San Jose (Silicon Valley) sixth, Orange County seventh, Providence eighth, Boston ninth, and Portland, Oregon tenth.

New Word: Velocapitalist | Commute by Bike


Downtown Portland’s new ‘Bicycle Capital’ mural: Will it become as famous as … – (blog) You betcha! He chairman of Bike Virginia, a bicycle advocacy organization in Virginia that raises money to promote cycling, walking and active lifestyles. One who promotes the activity of cycling for transportation, sport, health or recreation and invests in or encourages public investment in cycling infrastructure and commerce. 2. adj. The quality of applying the

To select an experienced real estate consultant in Portland call How to Invest in Real Estate Portland at (503)539-9094, or visit us online at Feel free to attend our webinars and learn highly valuable tips and tricks that will set you on the path of real estate investing success. Connect with our real estate investing trainer and expert, John Sheldon.

Real Estate Consultant – Wednesday Update 08/01/2012

Real Estate Investment Group Portland – Local Economy Shows Strength – Press Release

PORTLAND, OREGON — While the national housing market remains depressed, a real estate investment group Portland takes advantage as local house prices for June 2012 have remained at 2005 levels.

The semi annual housing report as prepared by the Fed Branch of San Francisco shows that much of Vancouver and southwest Washington maintain elevated foreclosure risks as compared to Oregon, where property pricing is starting to stabilize with sales price increases in property values.

The report matches real estate investor experience. “Portland housing prices are steadily improving as demand for rental property continues increasing,” notes local real estate investing veteran John Sheldon, owner of How to Invest in Real Estate Portland, a successful, locally-focused real estate investing group.

Rental properties are not remaining on the market long, and this demand is causing an increase in both rental rates and property sale prices. While the country has seen a rise in foreclosures, lender moratoriums may have provided homeowners with some relief as foreclosure proceedings are slowing down in Portland.

Real estate has long been regarded as the most secure investment to stand the test of time. National and international investors are selecting Portland, Oregon to buy real estate as they seek to secure their portfolios. Personal financial development gurus including Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins advocate that real estate investing is an undeniable priority in order to offer financial balance to any portfolio. Sheldon adds, “This is the best time to seize the opportunities offered by the real estate market. It is crucial to realize that assets such as stocks, real estate, businesses and commodities function separately. When your stocks crash your other assets maintain strength; people will always need oil, food and housing.”

For a real estate investment group Portland, Oregon’s housing inventory still offers significant discounts. Investors continue to find valuable gems and bargains that are quickly converted into stable and passive rental income sources. Investors looking for instruction, training, assistance and mentorship locally may find benefit in the interactive support offered by a Portland real estate investing group.

How to Invest in Real Estate Portland offers real estate instruction and training through free webinars and one-and-one and small group mentoring. The group can be reached at (503)539-9094. Experienced and aspiring property investors in Portland can visit John Sheldon’s free training and partnering site at

Real Estate Investment Group Portland – Local Economy Shows Strength – Press Release

Real Estate Consultant Recommends Portland For Smart Investing- Press Release

PORTLAND, OR: Local real estate consultant recommends real estate investors choose Portland, Oregon properties to diversify investment portfolios in a window that may rapidly close. “Portland is experiencing a a heightened demand for real estate due to the median pricing and the safety statistics as compared to other parts of the country. Numerous experts and experienced investors are advising that this is the best market and time to secure real estate as the demand for rental properties is soaring,” observes John Sheldon of How to Invest in Real Estate Portland.

In light of the HARP 2.0 (Home Affordable Refinance Program) that is designed to help Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan holders, now may be the time to take action before the foreclosure market slows down. It is impossible to know the impact that the HARP 2.0 refinance program will have on the real estate inventory; it may help stabilize home prices and reduce foreclosures in the future. There is also talk of a possible principal forgiveness program, and while it’s still early to know if this will truly come to pass, such a program could radically affect the current foreclosure market. 

Real estate has long been regarded as the most secure investment. Gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and even Tony Robbins advise that real estate investing is the most solid way to build and create wealth while benefiting from the tax structure. Seasoned and first time property investors in Portland are turning to Sheldon’s services as a local, well respected real estate consultant and seasoned real estate investor through his free training and partnering site at

At present record numbers of Americans have declared bankruptcy and have lost their homes to foreclosure. These are the same folks who real estate consultants say make the best tenants as they will more than likely rent for a minimum of 3 to 5 years before their credit can improve enough to qualify for the purchase of another home. Additionally, they tend to be more responsible tenants who still have the ownership mentality and take better care of rental property.

Investors from all over the United States are setting their sights on Portland, and real estate consultants are helping them find the best bargains in the foreclosure market. Real estate investors looking for instruction, training and assistance will find that a local real estate consultant has much more access to and insight on the foreclosure gems that are  available. Portland’s professional team of real estate experts can be reached at (503)539-9094 or online.

Portland Rental Properties – Wednesday Update 1/25/2012

Portland Rental Properties Apartment : High resolution image interior. 3d illustration modern interior.In this edition, we’ll examine the tax benefits for rental properties, the ease and time required to manage your rentals, and the ever increasing demand for rental properties in Portland. Additionally, we will learn about Portland’s plans for water, how you can save a lot money with free banking and lastly the Trail Blazers’ winning streak.

New IRS regulations impact owners of rental, investment properties
portland rental propertieswww.trulia.com1/25/12
If you own rental property, or any other business or investment property, the Internal Revenue Service has bad news for you. It has issued a massive new set of regulations (256 pages in all) with complex rules that, starting in

How I Spend Only 30 Minutes A Month On My Rental Properties and
They say that real estate is one of the best investments you can make. I say investing in rental properties is one of the best investments you can make.

Population density creates demand for rental properties in Portland, Beaverton, and Clackamas
Portland’s urban growth boundary is going to cause real estate values to continue to appreciate over time. Dennis Gorton, a real estate agent in Portland, Oregon, says that real estate prices in Portland are directly related to population density. Th…

State health authorities delay decision on Portland’s water-treatment waiver –
OregonLive.comState health authorities delay decision on Portland’s water-treatment waiverOregonLive.comThe Oregon Health Authority won’t issue a final decision this month on Portland’s request to skip building a treatment plant in the Bull Run water …

Money vault: Free checking at banks and credit unions in Oregon –
OregonLive.comMoney vault: Free checking at banks and credit unions in OregonOregonLive.comPortland-based Umpqua Bank last year stopped offering the first box of checks for free. The Umpqua Holdings Corp. unit also ended a $90 credit toward checks on …

Portland Trail Blazers (11-7) at Golden State Warriors (5-11), 10:30 pm (ET) –
Maddux Sports (blog)Portland Trail Blazers (11-7) at Golden State Warriors (5-11), 10:30 pm (ET)MiamiHerald.comBy Sports Network The Portland Trail Blazers will shoot for their third win in as many nights when they pay a visit to the Golden State War …

As the growing demand for rental properties continues to increase, this market proves to be the ideal to invest in Portland rental properties. In order to learn how to invest in real estate is it important to work with dedicated and honest  professionals. For quality assessment call (503)539-9094 or visit

Portland Property Management- Making Intelligent Decisions

One of the safest places to live in the United States is Portland. Property management companies in Portland are experiencing an increase in the number of investors who are looking for portfolio diversification. Property management companies are able to offer stable and passive returns. Many national and international investors are choosing Portland for real estate investment.

Beautiful house under Portland property management

Having a property management company will save you a lot of time. These professionals can tackle the time consuming chores involved in property maintenance. Property managers handle much more than just the tenant screening process. They address preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance, inspections and renovations. More importantly, they respond to emergencies which require immediate action. Due to their established networks, they can easily find quality affordable professionals to handle your property’s plumbing, electric, gardening, carpentry, drywall and heating needs just to name a few. Their experience will save you many headaches, as they will know how to best accommodate your tenants while saving you time, stress, and money.

In order to be successful as an investor, finding the right property management company is key. Many real estate agents looking to compensate their incomes will gladly offer to help you find a property and rent it out. Be advised that many real estate agents are only knowledgeable in terms of RESPA (Real Estate Sales Procedures Act); this is great when you are buying or selling a property, but you really need a knowledgeable and experienced professional whose main focus is property management. Experienced property managers understand and comply with legislation, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Federal Fair Housing Amendment Act, as well as the Oregon Fair Housing Laws. They will be sure that the renting and advertising practices are not discriminatory and that the property itself complies with all of the local, State, and Federal regulations and building codes. Professional property managers will know the Landlord Tenant Laws, especially when dealing with evictions, non-payment of rent or harassment.  

Portland Property Management Woman Portrait PhotoIt is highly advisable that you interview various property management companies in order to determine their experience, history and knowledge. Not all property management companies are created equal, and as such, your true investment success will be determined by the professional that you hire.  When looking for a Portland property management firm, it is wise to to check that the company is licensed and registered with the state of Oregon. You can visit to verify that  the professional you are engaging is a licensed property manager. If your property manager is not an active licensee, he or she is operating illegally and you are not receiving the benefit of having the Oregon Real Estate Commission oversight. This extra step will provide you piece of mind. A registered property manager has undergone background examinations, drug testing, continuing education requirements, licensing examination requirements and has professional liability insurance.  

Why exactly does professional liability insurance matter? Statistics show that since 2002 the number of lawsuits in the real estate arena have escalated significantly. The biggest increase and largest claim type was directly related to property management. There may be times in which property managers may be involved in litigation with tenants or contractors. Thus, insurance coverage will protect the property manager from frivolous law suits while insuring peace of mind for both of you.  

Some property management companies even offer online owner portals. This allows you to have the leases, management contracts, financial reports, paid invoice copies, inspection reports and even inspection videos accessible online without having to contact the property manager. When you have the right property management professional working for you, your investment will work on autopilot.

Here is a list of questions that you should ask Portland Property Management firms

How many properties does the manager have under management?
How does the property manager handle repairs?
What kind of insurance coverage does the property manager have?
What is the company’s  Better Business Bureau rating?
Is the property manager a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)?
Does the property manager accept electronic rent payment?
Does the property manager pay owners by direct deposit?
Does the property manager offer an online owner portal?

The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) is also a great source to help you find Portland Property Management firms.

Portland Property Management

Deal Analysis: Profit Lessons from a Traffic Light

Deal Analysis: Profit Lessons from a Traffic Light

Deal Analysis Can Protect Profits

The biggest mistake I see novice investors make in Portland is that they do not do proper deal analysis, including profit planning and exit strategy assessment. That’s jargon for saying they take deals where there’s not enough money, or there’s no safety net in case their one way of getting out of the property goes sideways.

In my free video “Seven Biggest Mistakes in Portland Real Estate Investing” I go over a number of the different exit strategies.  I’m not going to add substantially to that now, but here is a quick list of property and exit strategies:

  • Property Strategies
    • Do nothing (sell “as is”)
    • Quick cosmetic improvements (“rehab”)
    • Major cosmetic and material improvements (“remodel”)
    • Reconfigure for additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or units to increase sale value or NOI (“net operating income”)
    • Raze improvements to the ground
    • Raze and rebuild on existing foundation (still considered in most jurisdictions to be a remodel)
    • Raze and rebuild entirely new
    • Subdivide lot into two or more legal lots
  • Exit Strategies (for land or land/improvements combination)
    • Sell retail through realtor
    • Sell retail FSBO (“For sale by owner”)
    • Sell wholetail (discount from retail value)
    • Sell wholesale (deep discount to allow for rehab or remodel costs and resale)
    • Sell on contract
    • Lease option (“Rent to own”)
    • Rent/lease

You can mix and match property and exit strategies to come up with an almost endless variety of ways to get out of a deal profitably. We consider dozens of scenarios in our weekly webinars.

What we’ll focus on here and now is a simple way to make sure you’re paying attention to effective deal analysis. It’s called the traffic light strategy.

I did not invent this, but I have used a version of it in my own investing for years. It’s a pretty simple system and it works just like a traffic light:

GREEN – You have at least THREE exit strategies that will all pay you your minimum five-figure paycheck. (By the way, YOUR minimum five-figure paycheck could be anywhere from $10,000 to $99,000. I personally recommend that my students and partners NOT use $10K as their figure.) GO! GO! GO!

YELLOW – You have TWO exit strategies that will pay your minimum paycheck. Proceed with caution.

RED – You have ONE exit strategy that will pay your minimum paycheck. DO NOT PROCEED.

If you keep this simple formula in mind, it will be very difficult for you to lose money on a deal. If you combine this with the other strategies you’ll learn on this site, in your emails, and in our membership club, you’ll be practically bulletproof. Won’t that be nice for a good night’s sleep? Do your proper deal analysis, make sure you’ve got multiple exit strategies take action, and prosper.

Deal Analysis: Profit Lessons from a Traffic Light

Hard Money Headaches: Why and how to avoid it in real estate investing

Hard Money Headaches

Hard Money Headaches

First, let me be clear: hard money is not a bad thing.

If you can do a deal that makes you a five-figure check, do it. If you have to pay someone 18% or 24% interest on the money that closes the deal, do it. You’re getting your check, let them get theirs, too.

That being said, hard money is NOT the way to build a long-term real estate investing business.

I want to talk to you today about three ways to avoid hard money and its expenses and deadlines. You’ll also discover a little-used way to actually leverage knowledge of hard money to actually put more money in your pocket, better food on the table, and greater peace in your mind.

First, a quick review of hard money. I really don’t know why it’s called “hard” money, but this is what it is: money lent – often by an individual – to a real estate investor for a high interest rate and a short period of time, secured by real estate. Interest rate is typically in the 18% to 24% range. Term is anywhere from a few days to several months. The loan is usually secured by a first position trust deed or mortgage on the property you want to acquire. Wikipedia goes into a more extensive definition of hard money here.

The upside of hard money is that it can often be acquired very quickly – sometimes as little as a few hours. Also, it does not depend on your own credit. This means if you find a deal and are strapped for cash or just don’t want to spend your own money, you can still get the deal done.

But there are other, better ways to finance a real estate transaction.

Three Ways to Do Deals without Hard Money

  • Private investors
  • Partners
  • Credit partners

Today we’re going to talk about the first three.

Private Investors

Private investors are often people with more money than time, who like the strong returns and secured loans available with solid real estate investments. Although some hold the money in cash, more often they will have their funds in retirement vehicles or stock portfolios.

Because they’re not active and experienced investors as most hard money lenders are, they’re willing to take a significantly lower interest rate, usually between 10% and 15%, with the most common being 12%. Because their money is often tied up and takes time to be available, they don’t typically have the same speed of availability as hard money.


A partner takes an active part in the deal, whether that be money, effort or both. They take a share in the risk and the benefit. Meaning that if the deal goes down, their money or effort goes down with it. But if the deal does what it should or better, they get a percentage up to the very last penny.

The downside is that a partner can take the largest share of all, up to 50%, or more if they’re the lead. The upside is that they may bring skills, resources, or experience that make the deal possible. And it’s always better to have a smaller five-figure check than none at all. 😉

Credit Partners

Like a “regular” partner,  a credit partner is ann active participant in the deal and provides funding. However, unlike the partner mentioned above, a credit partner is not briging her own cash to the transaction, but is instead bringing her excellent credit, which then allows the project to get regular bank financing.

The upsides are the same as with a partner bringing cash; you get the deal done. The additional downside of using a credit partner is that your project will now need to meet more stringent and less flexible bank requirements in order to get funded.


I know I said we’d talk about three, but you really can’t miss out on the most exciting funding option of all – seller financing. In this case the person or persons selling you the property offer to let you pay off the balance of the purchase over time. They basically loan you the money to buy their property.

Why is this exciting?

Two words: flexibility and motivation. Let’s clarify this by looking at the mainstream option – the bank.

If you deposit money into a bank, their goal is to pay you the least money (“interest”) possible, take your money (“deposit”) and make as much as they can with it. If you borrow money from a bank, you’re on the end where they want to make the most money possible, meaning they want to charge you the highest interest they can. And as bankers tend to be highly risk-averse, rigid, and emotionally detached from the success of your deal, they are not going to go out of their way to help you make the deal work.

Your seller is the exact opposite. They’re often far more interested in what the future has to hold for them than they are in making every last dollar from the deal. They’re used to eking out 0% to 2% interest on their deposits in the bank, so getting paid 3% to 6% by you is an absolute windfall. And they are motivated to get out of that property and on to the next chapter in their life, so they will typically be far more accepting of flexible terms. It’s good for your seller, it’s good for you. Win/win.

Why to Always Plan to Purchase with Hard Money

This is where you prepare for the downside, and it can mean not just security, but even increased profits. You can see why and how I do this in my free video. You can get access to here, to the left of this post on the top of this page or by visiting How to Invest in Real Estate Portland.

The bottom line is that if you always think and plan like you’re using hard money, but find the very best funding option you can, you will always give yourself the very best chance of making a five-figure paycheck, taking care of your family, and having enough left over to enjoy a quality lifestyle. Now, go take action and prosper.