Real Estate Investment Group Portland

Real Estate Investment Group Portland

One of the best ways to prepare to be an effective and profitable investor is to join a real estate investment group. Portland is home to numerous “official” and unofficial groups of varying size, focus, and cost in real estate investing. Let’s talk about how joining a group can benefit you, and why I decided to start my own, even though I’m also a member of a group.

Two Benefits of Joining the Right Real Estate Investment Group Portland Has to Offer

There are two specific benefits that you will gain by joining an investor group here in Portland: education and networking. Let’s look at education first.

Education in a Portland Real Estate Investing Group

I’ve seen education in two forms in a real estate investment group; stage speakers and satellite meetings.

Speakers, Otherwise Known as “Gurus”

For obvious reasons, you won’t see big national speakers so much in free membership groups. In well-organized paid groups, especially those that are members of national organizations like the National Real Estate Investors Association, or NREIA, speakers come from around the region and nation to speak on specific topics, usually incorporating their personal experience. They will share investing models, strategies, techniques, and tips that they have discovered to help them make their own way in real estate investing.

Just being exposed to the different models can help build confidence because you can begin to see how many different property scenarios can be turned into profit opportunities. There are a few downsides, too. I’ll mention two briefly. First, by its nature, the 40-minute, single session that the typical speaker is allowed isn’t nearly enough time to give you all the details you might need to make his model work.

Second, all the information from the many different speakers can be contradictory, confusing, or specific in application to a particular region, culture, or economy that may not work well or at all in Portland. But that’s one of the very reasons for the second type of education you can get in a real estate investment group Portland: satellite meetings.

Satellite Meetings

In addition to speakers in the main meetings, a real estate investor group can offer satellite meetings for more direct and intense discussion on things like:

  • The local market
  • Marketing
  • Strategies
  • Deal structuring
  • Evaluation of real life transactions
  • Legal matters to be aware of
  • And more

In these more focused and intimate groups, you can take the mile-high overview you get from a traveling speaker and break it down further into local application. These meetings are often where you find the rubber meets the road.

And though individuals will occasionally compete for deals in a real estate investing group, Portland’s community of investors generally find much greater success through cooperation than competition. And that leads us to the second principal purpose of joining a group.


I divide networking into general and specific networking.

General Networking

Most groups actively encourage general networking; meeting and mingling with others who are doing and attempting the same thing you are: the profitable transaction of investment real estate. It’s a great opportunity to meet investors at all levels of experience and expertise. You can discover what’s worked for them … and what hasn’t. It can also be very useful for finding members of your “dream team”: contractors, attorneys, CPAs and other professionals who can help you to successfully analyze, fund, and close purchase and sales transactions as well as manage long-term hold properties.

Specific Networking

Fewer groups promote specific networking, and that’s where the money is made. Specific networking happens outside the group meeting. It’s where active investors get together with other active investors with an eye towards doing business together – joint ventures, partnering, or other project-oriented relationships.

From the very beginning I hooked up with a much more knowledgeable investor. We developed a partnership after getting to know each other. I partnered on 30 properties in less than 3 years with that individual and it was very profitable for both of us.

Looking back now at over 10 years full-time in the business, I realize that with all of my experience and hundreds of transactions, I still partner on the great majority of my deals. I partner with those who know more and have more experience than I do, which helps me to gain more knowledge and earn more money.

And then like them, I pay it forward by partnering with those with less experience, which helps them learn and earn more. And the more experience and income we all generate, the more capable we are of doing even bigger, more sophisticated deals. Everybody wins, and keeps winning, at ever higher levels of income, stability, and peace of mind.

And this is precisely why I created How to Invest in Real Estate Portland. I’ve designed it to be kind of like an educational and specific networking group on steroids. I impart my knowledge in a very focused and highly energized way with people who are enthusiastic and absolutely committed to taking action and building wealth in their lives.

I get to help people learn, understand, and most importantly use conservative and profitable real estate investing techniques and strategies. We can analyze and work together on deals to make more money, live better lifestyles, create more desirable retirements, and inject more investment, improvement, and discretionary money into the community.

Like Zig Ziglar says, “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” So in this unique real estate investing group, Portland benefits from us as we benefit from Portland, making for greater success for all.

Real Estate Investment Group Portland


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