Portland Real Estate Investing: Power of Know, Like & Trust

Wow, I had some great interaction directly with a seller that I feel is important to share with others involved in Portland real estate investing. [dropcap color=”color-default” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-3em”]1[/dropcap]st  I got a call from Bill, who was referred to me by a friend. Bill is somewhat of a motivated seller. When I first talked to him over the phone, he started telling me of

Real Estate Investment Group- Portland’s Four P’s-Press Release

While foreclosures may still be on the rise, savvy investors are joining forces with a local real estate investment group. Portland, Oregon’s increased demand for rental properties is proving to be a stable source of passive residual income with consistent gains for experienced real estate investors. Portland is attracting vigilant investors who are ready to capitalize on the current foreclosure market, as forecasts indicate that

Commercial Real Estate Portland – Wednesday Update 03/21/2012

Image via Flickr Today’s post will address the benefits of commercial real estate. Portland investors are zooming in on commercial parcels to fully leverage passive residual income. We will be learning about the tax benefits and options when investing in commercial real estate as well as Portland’s forecast for 2012. Learn which personal development techniques will help you reach your fullest potential. And we will

Portland Foreclosures – Maximize Your Buying Power

Image via Flickr Portland foreclosures can be a phenomenal opportunity for buyers. Whether buying a home as a primary residence or investing in property rentals, foreclosures provide tremendous savings and fantastic gains. Experienced real estate investors are choosing Portland foreclosures because of median price ranges and higher safety statistics as compared with the rest of the country. The increase in economical housing provides fantastic deals for

Portland Rental Properties-– Wednesday Update 03/07/2012

Image via Flickr This week we’ll learn why investors are buying Portland rental properties; the changes in the tax code and tips to leverage the benefits. We’ll also explore some powerful self development tips for achievement and success. Lastly we’ll review the quarterly real estate report and finish by learning about the Presidential honors given to Portland for parks and recreation for the youth. Tax Advantages of Portland Rental

Real Estate Investment Group Portland – Wednesday Update 02/22/2012

Image via Flickr This edition will show why investors should rely on the services of a professional real estate investment group, Portland‘s inventory of foreclosures and the current pricing trends. We will also see the impact that local  real estate has on  local schools, and to finish up we will learn about valuable self improvement tips and Oregon’s plans for a natural park.  Real Estate Investment

Commercial Real Estate- Portland’s Multiple Options

Image via Flickr Business owners often find themselves deciding whether to buy or lease commercial real estate, Portland offers many commercial and mixed use properties to satisfy multiple needs. The main goal is to properly identify the right timing to ensure the highest possible gains. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” type of solution when purchasing commercial real estate. This article

Portland Foreclosures – Wednesday Update 02/08/2012

Image via Flickr In this edition of Portland foreclosures, we’ll learn about Oregon’s proactive approach to help protect homeowners’ rights as foreclosures continue to climb. We’ll also see how MERS, an electronic mortgage tool is having an impact on foreclosure and property values. Next, we will learn about Oregon’s healthcare plans, and we will wrap up with the Trail Blazers. 2 Senate bills would regulate foreclosures – The

Portland foreclosures scheduled to increase for 2012

Portland foreclosures continue driving home prices. The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller index showed that prices dropped 4.7 percent lower than this time last year. The number of Oregon homeowners who dealt with foreclosure filings in 2011 dropped 39.14 percent from the previous year. This apparent improvement for 2011’s reports does not include short sales. Due to the current fair market value of homes, more banks are willing to conduct

Portland Rental Properties – Wednesday Update 1/25/2012

In this edition, we’ll examine the tax benefits for rental properties, the ease and time required to manage your rentals, and the ever increasing demand for rental properties in Portland. Additionally, we will learn about Portland’s plans for water, how you can save a lot money with free banking and lastly the Trail Blazers’ winning streak. New IRS regulations impact owners of rental, investment propertieswww.trulia.com1/25/12If