About John Sheldon, Portland Real Estate Investor and Trainer

Portland real estate investor John Sheldon shows how to invest in real estate

John Sheldon, Portland Real Estate Investor & Trainer


A Portland Real Estate Investor Is Born … In California

John Sheldon’s history as a Portland real estate investor started over 1,000 miles away, in his childhood near Disneyland in Anaheim, California. John’s father was a highly entrepreneurial small business man who was usually involved in more than one business at the same time. When he bought a business, he always bought the real estate. When he sold the business, he always kept the real estate.

John saw what his father was doing and partnered with him directly in one of the businesses after John graduated from UC Santa Cruz. For 12 years through many ups and downs and critical lessons in running a small business, John saw how the real estate was always going on in the background — commercial retail and residential. He remembers thinking, “Wow, collecting rent checks is a good thing!”

After moving to Portland, with the support of a professional coach and additional insights gleaned from key books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Millionaire Next Door, John determined that what he most wanted in life could be achieved by becoming a Portland real estate investor. Namely, the chance to be his own boss, to make a lot of money while having a lot of fun, and to manage his financial risks to protect the needs of his young family.

Since 2000, he has done just that. Between himself, his mentors and his partners, John has been party to hundreds of real estate transactions of nearly every variety, right here in the Portland area as well as across the United States. He has succeeded in creating a real estate investing business that affords him freedom of time and money.

He has also witnessed others who’ve lost a great deal of money or put out incredible efforts and not make any money. Or even worse, he’s seen those who’ve lost everything in the attempt. Many of these events could’ve been prevented with better risk management, better education, or better analysis.

But with all the hype the Kiyosakis and Trumps and other real estate “gurus” bring as they come parading through town, they can often inspire risky, even reckless, high-stakes gambling on “the dream.” John has seen and experienced the excitement of a new “secret” strategy taught over the course of a free weekend seminar designed to sell the big-investment program. He’s bought into many full-week, multi-thousand-dollar programs, only to face the frustration of discovering that the strategies don’t work well or at all in the local market.

John wants every Portland real estate investor to succeed and not have a bad taste in her mouth about real estate. He deeply believes it is critical to have realistic expectations, understand the different models of real estate and their best applications, and assess each opportunity for a deal with a clear head and sharp pencil.

The Investor Becomes The Trainer

And so John has decided to do what no one else on the national “guru” circuit is doing. He is teaching Portland real estate investors to understand and succeed in today’s local market, culture, and economy.

John looks for new and experienced investors with passion for real estate and drive for success and providing a great life for their family. John feels that drive and passion are even more important than intelligence. It’s important to understand the numbers. However, the drive is what sustains a business. Because there will be challenging times, and if you don’t have the passion, you will succumb, to doubt or fear. With passion and drive however, you can overcome your inner obstacles, face your external obstacles courageously, and achieve the lifestyle and rewards you desire.

Today, many of John’s Portland real estate investor students are doing just that, striving to make a career change from their part-time or full-time job, by starting part-time in real estate and working their way into a full-time income. Some are building future stability with long-term, part-time investing around careers they love.

In every case, they are dedicated to adding income while managing risk, to protect their present and fulfill their future. In every case, John is proud and pleased to play some small part in their growth and success.

He invites anyone who is interested, to explore his training and partnering programs, or to contact him now to discuss whether or not you may find fortune and fame as a Portland real estate investor.

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About John Sheldon, Portland Real Estate Investor and Trainer