Portland Rental Properties – Wednesday Update 08/15/2012

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Today we will discuss intelligent ways to crunch numbers when you are planning to buy Portland rental properties.  See how Portland’s housing market is showing signs of improvement with higher sales prices and rental rates. We will also look at how to implement self development techniques to keep focus and momentum as we reach for our  goals. To finish up we will learn about free open house introducing the Rose City’s aquatic center.

Buying Portland Rental Properties? 5 Ways to Crunch the Numbers | Zillow Blog

www.zillow.com8/13/12 There are many ways to evaluate investment returns when you purchase an income property. But you are the only one who can choose which evaluation and analysis method is appropriate for you and satisfies your personal

How to Buy Portland Rental Properties: A Beginners Guide | ArticleBro.com

articlebro.com8/15/12 Buying an investment property is an effective strategy for acquiring a long time wealth. The market experiences its occasional rise and fall at a given period. The first step that you need to consider is to consult to your financial

243 Greystone – How to buy a US house with Postitve Cash Flow and Top Rental Returns for $47000

Mike & Bron of Top Rental Returns www.toprentalreturnsusa.com Atlanta Foreclosure Property Management specialists assisting investors to purchase, renovate and tenant US foreclosure property. Top Rental Returns High Yielding US Foreclosure Property M…

Keeping On Track With Your Personal Development Goals

socialmediaaz.org8/15/12Do your best to be honest in all circumstances. People will appreciate someone who is honest, and you will avoid a lot of trouble and stress if you do not try to fool anyone. Always be honest when it comes.

The Oregon Economics Blog: Portland Home Values Rise

oregonecon.blogspot.com7/31/12 The May Case-Shiller numbers are out and the news is good for Portland. Portland saw a month over month and a year over year increase in home values. This picture above, of the seasonally adjusted C-S numbers shows

Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center sets open Oregon Live

blog.oregonlive.com8/13/12 The Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center will hold an open house on Aug. 22 to celebrate its bond measure-funded expansion and service improvement project. The public is invited to the free event, which will run from 3 to 7:30 p.m..

To  learn more about selecting and purchasing Portland rental properties call (503)539-9094, or visit us online at http://howtoinvestinrealestateportland.com. We also welcome you to attend our free webinars that offer valuable tips and techniques from expert local real estate investing trainer and expert John Sheldon.

Portland Rental Properties – Wednesday Update 08/15/2012


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